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Article 62. Conditions for issuing a visa

(2) A long-stay visa may be issued to a foreigner if:

1) he has a valid travel document;

2) the purpose of his/her application for an Estonian long-stay visa is justified;

3) he/she has sufficient funds to cover the living and stay expenses during the stay in Estonia, as well as to return to his or her country of origin or transit country;

4) he/she has a valid insurance contract guaranteeing the payment of medical expenses caused by his or her illness or injury during the period of validity of the visa, and in the case of a multiple-entry visa, until the end of the first planned period of stay.
[RT I, 17.06.2020, 2 - entry into force 01.07.2020]

(3) When issuing a long-term visa, a health insurance contract is not required if, in accordance with the Health Insurance Law, the foreigner is a person insured under compulsory health insurance or if the costs of treatment of the foreigner are paid by another state or international organization, or in cases provided for international treaties.

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