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Assemblers, metal structures, metal ship hulls, ship repair.

- at least three years of experience in the shipbuilding and ship repair industries

- reading blueprints

- cutting with a cutter and secateurs

- tack welding

ability to assemble metal parts according to drawings

ability to work independently, read blueprints, take measurements

Ability to understand welding symbols and procedures

ability to work with various tools designed for metal structures

working with mobile equipment

perform simple welding work

work at height


Salary 3500 - 4000 net. Monthly.

Operating schedule

Shifts: day/night

Number of hours: 220-250 on average

Number of working days per week: 5-6


Business trip conditions

-tickets are provided, not deducted from salary

-accommodation, 2-3 people per room, not deducted from salary

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