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Welders on metal structures


- at least three years of experience in the shipbuilding industries

- welding MIG/MAG 136 FCAW

- welding for ceramics

- planing

- reading welding WPS

MIG/MAG welding

ability to assemble metal structures

ability to work independently, read blueprints, take measurements

Ability to understand welding symbols and procedures (WPS/WPQR)

ability to work with various tools intended for metal structures

working with mobile equipment

work at height


Salary 3500 - 4000 net. Monthly.

Operating schedule

Shifts: day/night

Number of hours: 220-250 on average

Number of working days per week: 5-6


Business trip conditions

-tickets are provided, not deducted from salary

-accommodation, 2-3 people per room, not deducted from salary



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